Landlord-Tenant Lawyers Serving Chicago

Landlord-tenant disputes are among the most common legal disputes for Chicago residents. When tenants refuse to pay, landlords can lose thousands, and when landlords refuse to reasonably maintain their properties, tenants can be seriously injured. Due to the nature of these disputes — namely, that they are so “close to home” — landlord-tenant disputes can be extraordinary disruptive, stressful, and contentious.

Fortunately, the legal team at Parikh Law Group, LLC understands the complexities of these cases, and we are prepared to fight for your rights and best interests, whichever side of the lease you happen to be on. In many cases, landlord-tenant disputes can be resolved out of court, and we will work diligently to ensure that happens. When the situation becomes particularly contentious, however, we are prepared to fight for your rights at in court.

Types of Landlord-Tenant Cases We Handle

At Parikh Law Group, LLC, we represent both landlords and tenants in legal disputes involving:

  • Lease violations
  • Unpaid rent
  • Habitability issues
  • Roommate disputes
  • Refusal to return security deposit
  • Evictions

Preventing a Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Although we are here for you if you find yourself in a dispute with your landlord or tenant, the best course of action is to avoid the dispute in the first place. Fortunately, doing this isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.

The best way to prevent these disputes from occurring is to have a Chicago real estate lawyer review any contracts before signing. Far too often, residential leases are entered into using generic, boiler-plate contracts that offer little protection to either party. A well-drafted, clear contract that specifically defines each party’s rights and responsibilities is the best tool at your disposal should an issue arise.

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Whether you are facing a landlord-tenant dispute, or simply want to have an attorney draft or review a residential or commercial lease, the skilled legal team at Parikh Law Group, LLC can help. Our highly multilingual office can assist you in English, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, or Farsi. Contact us today for a confidential consultation about your case.