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Experienced Attorneys Who Handle 100% Immigration Cases

At PLG, we have attorneys who have dedicated their entire practice to Immigration Law. Our experienced attorneys are exceptionally versed in United States Immigration laws, and provide comprehensive services to help corporate and individual clients and their families accomplish their goals of legally emigrating into the US, obtaining permanent residency status, or going through the Naturalization process.

Our well-established immigration practice serves clients all over the United States

Some of the types cases we serve the most in our Immigration practice include:

Visas – Including all categories of work Visas such as H1-B, B-1, J, K-1, L-1, O and student visas.
Permanent Residents – Family, Spouse, Fiancé, Sibling and Adoption matters. All E-category Visas regarding employment, Asylum and Child Status Protection Act filings
U.S. Citizenship – Children of U.S. Citizens, Naturalization, exam requirements, interviews, dual citizenship, military service eligibility
Employer Compliance – including employer assistance and review of anti-discrimination laws, Form I-9 processes, job postings, offers and hiring, temporary work Visas, and much more
Removal Proceedings – detention, criminal proceedings, over-stay of visas

At PLG, we understand that immigration issues are life-changing events for those involved and have a great effect on our clients’ lives. Immigration Law is a field that is filled with landmines that can create legal difficulties. Our firm works with both corporate and individual clients, who need assistance navigating through the complex, and often confusing, immigration process. Whether you are interested in filing an immigration petition, sponsoring an employee for work authorization, or are facing deportation proceedings, PLG will be right by your side and we strongly recommend you do not try to navigate these forms or proceedings on your own without some form of legal counsel.

If you have an immigration law issue and need help, please contact us.


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