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Election Law

Election law can be very confusing with little mistakes jeopardizing entire campaigns. At Parikh Law Group, LLC, we guide our clients through the complex maze of modern election laws and regulations to help them achieve their goals while avoiding the legal and ethical pitfalls that are all too common in politics. Our attorneys represent candidates in election contests and election law litigation. Whether you need help understanding the technical requirements necessary to run for a position or run your campaign, need to challenge a candidates’ nomination, or want to challenge an election law, the attorneys at Parikh Law Group, LLC are here to help. Contact Parikh Law Group, LLC today to discuss your Election Law issues.

Office Term limitations and changes in political opinions have created an ever-evolving effect in the political arena, as seen in many recent elections. For candidates and incumbents, the pressure to win an election is made more stressful by the requirement to raise campaign funds through donor support and properly raised campaign contributions, run costly campaigns utilizing many forms of media, and counter opponent campaign efforts effectively and ethically. For everyone participating in today’s politics, compliance with election laws has never been more important. Having an attorney well-versed in Election laws has never been more imperative.


At PLG, we possess a breadth of knowledge of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), as amended; the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), as amended; the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA); the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA); the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and the congressional and Executive branch ethics rules, to name a few. We also maintain detailed surveys to stay up-to-date on state and local campaign finance, lobbying, gift, and pay-to-play laws and requirements.

The scope of our counseling encompasses providing answers to our clients’ questions and concerns to implementing comprehensive compliance program requirements and audits. We routinely advise clients on the laws and rules governing lobbying, political contributions, political action committees (PACs), ethics implications, and corporate guidelines for related election law issues.

Our Election Law advocacy experience includes challenges to elections, laws, client defense, and amicus briefs. We handle matters involving voter rights and campaign finance, among others. We represent clients in both federal and state courts, as well as federal agencies and boards, such as the FE and other state agencies. Our clients have included individuals, corporations, and organizations.

Advisory Areas

We regularly advise and have represented clients on matters before the following bodies:

• Federal Elections Commission
• Illinois State Board of Elections
• State of Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board
• Illinois Executive Ethics Commission
• Illinois Executive Inspector General
• Chicago Board of Elections
• State and federal courts

Our Election Law Attorneys have a passion and genuine appreciation for the election process, it is one of the greatest rights and privileges of living in a democracy. Our attorneys have successfully assisted many candidates in fulfilling their political dreams, and many of our clients have held public office, advised statewide initiatives or governing bodies, or been members of political campaign committees. At PLG, we understand the nuances of the political arena and work our very best to make sure every one of our clients achieves their political goals.

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